4 Main Factors You Need to Know about 100k Mile Maintenance Checklist

Due to the current economic situations, most people prefer keeping their cars longer. Statistics show that these days, on average, cars stay on the road for about 11 years. If you are among the millions who keep their car beyond the 100k mark, it is important to get proper maintenance that necessary ensure that it can serve you to that age.

Before performing such major maintenance project, you may have to consult with your vehicle regular maintenance mechanic. Various models of vehicles have different requirements, and a specific recommendation for a given vehicle may not apply to your vehicle. Your car’s manual is also very critical in maintaining the car.

However, if you have lost or otherwise in doubt take the time to consult a reputable local auto shop in your area. Moreover, copies of various cars’ manual are available online. This article discusses that a typical car needs to be maintained at 100,000-mile mark.

4 Main Factors You Need To Know:


The most vehicle features special belts that are made of a special rubber designed to work even on hot engine temperature. Over time, these belts degrade, and you need to replace.

If you find that your belts have cracks, missing ribbing, and general brittleness, it is time to replace. Take time to find quality belts and hire experienced auto vehicle mechanic to help you install the belt perfectly.

Water Pump And Timing Belt:

Apart from changing the oil in your car, you maintenance task should also include replacement of broken timing belt and water pump that could be interfering with the engine. If you have not replaced the timing belt for a long time, there are high chances that the timing belt has broken and you need to replace it.

Although replacing these parts is a bit costly, it is always to recommend replacing it on time to avoid destruction of other parts. Consider replacing the water pump too, although it may be troublesome to achieve that.

Work with experienced and reputable auto dealer and ensure that genuine parts are installed properly in your car. Depending on your car your may also is required to acquire a new timing belt tensioner and install as part of preventive maintenance service. Although this maintenance practice can be expensive, you have to make an effort to replace it if need your car to serve past 100k miles.

Tires and Brakes:

Tires are the only things that touch the ground, and they are critical, which mean that you need to ensure that they are always in good in condition. Check your tire’s inflation level and tread depth regularly.

Inspect them keenly for any sign of uneven wear, bulging and cracking. You may also need to rotate the tire from time to time. If you notice some uneven wear on the tires, it is time to do a wheel alignment.

Just like tires, breaks are also a critical part of your car and also require maintenance from time to time. Check the shoes and the pads and make sure that you can operate them comfortably.

If your car has disc brakes, you may need to inspect rotors for any sign of uneven wear, pitting or warping. If the disc brake features any of this signs, it is may be to have them turned. However, if you had turned them in the past, go ahead and replace them within the least time possible.


All vehicles require fluid to run. However, over time, dirt and debris may begin to clog and overwhelm your engine and may eventually require you to dig deep into your pocket for a major repair. Furthermore, car fluids include other additive looses effectiveness over time.

To ensure that the fluids are always working effectively, you need to replace them. For most case, fluids such as oil, coolant, transmission fluids, power steering fluid and brake fluid need to be completely replaced over time. However, there are some fluids that are permanently sealed on reservoir and replacement may not be possible.

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What Else is in The 100k Mile Maintenance Checklist?

Apart from fluids, breaks, and belts, it is also recommended that you make a number of other replacements. For example, spark plugs must be worn out after a long journey, and it is a good idea to include in the 100k mile maintenance checklist.

Don’t forget to change your car’s PVC valve and fuel filter as you will not want it to allow impurities into the tank. If your car is now too old, it may be a good idea to replace the cap as well as the rotor.

As you change the oil, you should also take the time to inspect the undercarriage for any sign of rust as well as other damages. Realizing any developing rust on time allows you to deal with the problem early and avoid serious problems from emanating in future.

Your 100k mile maintenance checklist should also include inspection of all the rubber and hoses that are located under the hood and well lubrication of all the moving parts of your car such as joints and hinges on your car, which may include seat and door hinges. The rubber hoses that you have to check may include oil and coolant lines as well as fuel lines and vacuum hoses.

Final Verdict:

Due to economic situations, most people have sorted to keeping their cars longer and improve their savings. For that old vehicle to serve you well, you need 100k mile maintenance checklist, which is the most in-depth auto vehicle maintenance task.

Although maintenance task can be very can be expensive, it is the only way of ensuring that your car is operating properly and also avoid any future problems.

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Look for experience and reputable dealer as that is the only way of ensuring that the parts you get and all parts are fixed properly. Performing the maintenance task properly and on time will save a lot of money in the long run.

Repairing damaged part that resulted from a broken timing belt can cost as high as $3,000. Understand what you need to include in the checklist and do it on time to avoid unnecessary high cost in future.