Vacuum Cleaner Showdown – Backpack Vs Canister Vs Upright Vacuum

Backpack Vacuum

As the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners are worn on the back using straps. The dust chamber and the motor are included in a compact canister. The entire module is designed to be lightweight and comfortable on your back.

These vacuum cleaners typically weigh under ten pounds. The canister has both shoulder and hip straps. Instead of putting a strain on your shoulders, they press more against the hips.

These are modified canister vacuum cleaners. Their portability is what makes them so attractive to many users. These vacuum cleaners are ideal for industrial and commercial applications more than home use.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

These are primarily designed for domestic use at homes. So they are incredibly mobile and compact devices. Canister vacuum cleaners are among the lightest vacuum cleaner designs out there.

It will take some time to get used to this design, as the device has to be pulled or towed instead of being pushed around. Thanks to the small size, these cleaners are perfect for reaching tight spots like underneath couches and chairs. Canisters are often come with different attachments that increase their versatility.

These vacuums are efficient on a wide range of surfaces. And the newer models have a very safe sealed system. This makes the vacuum cleaner perfect for people with allergies.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

These are the opposites to canister vacuum cleaners. They are the largest type, and ideally suited for large homes. Upright vacuums also come with a very large dust bag for longer use.

Unlike canisters, these are meant to be pushed around the house while cleaning. They are generally considered more practical by many users because they require less bending. Many models also sport motorized wheels for better mobility.

Uprights come with shorter hoses and a lesser number of attachments. They are not very versatile and cannot be used in small or crowded areas. Many industrial grade vacuums use the upright design.

Vacuum Cleaner Showdown

3 Advantages of the Backpack vacuum

1. Improved Mobility

As the vacuum sits comfortably on the back of the user, this device can be used with ease even in very cluttered areas. It involves no pulling, pushing or bending, and takes less time to complete tasks.

Ideal for commercial use: the improved efficiency makes backpack vacuums perfect for commercial and industrial use. The user will cover a larger area with relative ease. Backpacks are often available with large dust bags for continuous operation.

2. Less Fatigue

Though you have to carry them on your back, these lightweight devices cause less fatigue. They come with longer hoses which also reduce the need for frequent bending. Very mobile vacuums come with portable batteries as well.

3. Relatively Silent

These are among the quietest vacuum cleaner designs around. They do not distract the operator or the people standing nearby.

3 Disadvantages Of Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

1. Not For Seniors

Backpacks are better suited for younger users. Seniors may find these machines very tiring. And seniors also tend to suffer from back issues. So this design is not considered suitable for that category of users.

2. Not Good At Cleaning Ceilings

These backpacks do a decent job of cleaning the floor and surface closer to the ground. But they have limited reach and cannot be used to clean ceilings. Upper walls may also present problems.

3. Lower Power Ratings

To remain lightweight and mobile, these backpack designs have to sacrifice on motor power. So they have less suction in comparison to other designs. They are not efficient at sucking up all the dirt and dust.

4 Advantages Of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

1. Decent Maneuverability

Their compact designs allow these vacuum cleaners to be very nimble even in cluttered spaces. If you have a multi-story or multi-level home, these mobile canisters are easier to use.

2. Excellent Reach

They are also adept at reaching all the nooks, crannies and tight spaces in your house. Canister vacuums are sold with many different attachments. They can easily reach inside cupboards and underneath furniture.

3. Easy Storage

Again, this is a great advantage, thanks to that compact design. Typical canisters also come with retractable power cord. So they are neat and tidy devices.

4. Versatile

Due to the numerous attachments, canisters can be used on pretty much any surface. They will work on hard floors, carpeting, and any other surface you throw at them.

2 Disadvantages Of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

1. Inconvenient Operation

Some folks find the pulling action very cumbersome. Also, you do not have full visibility of where the canister is going. This can be frustrating if the canister bumps into stuff.

2. More Expensive

Canisters are typically high-end models with advanced features. You may have to pay top dollar to get one of these.

3 Advantages Of The Upright Cleaner

1. Convenient Operation

Pushing the machine in front of your is the simplest method of using a vacuum cleaner. It gives you full visibility of what you are doing and allows you to evade potential collisions. Some models also come with motorized wheels for easier pushing.

2. Also Versatile

Gone are the days when vacuums were not able to handle al, surfaces equally well. Like canisters, uprights are also available with multiple attachments. They will work well on carpeting, hard, and soft surfaces.

3. Less Messy

Many modern uprights have a bagless design. This means that you don't have to worry about potentially messy bag replacement. Such designs are easier to empty and resume use.

2 Disadvantages Of Upright Vacuums

1. Less Reach

They are big and cannot reliably reach tight spaces. So they may be ineffective in cluttered areas.

2. Heavier And Cumbersome

Due to their large form, these vacuums are not easy to push around. This is especially true for seniors.

Which is the Best Choice?

There is no such thing as the best vacuum for everything. These are all specialized designs, aimed at particular environments. Depending on the size of your home, the surfaces involved, and the age and health of the user, you can select any one of the three types. As long as you pick the right vacuum type for the job, you will be satisfied.