Double 8 Steps DIY & Origami Basketball Hoop for Your Room

You don’t have to head to your local gym or court to practice shooting some hoops. And no, you don't have to spend cash on indoor hoops either. All you need is some DIY spirit and a few easily obtained raw materials.

This homemade basketball hoop can be used anywhere indoors, even inside your bedroom. And if you are desperate to play some basketball right inside your office, there is even a smaller origami version available. But don’t hold us responsible if you get caught by your boss!

DIY & Origami Basketball Hoops For Indoor Shooting

DIY Basketball Hoop For Your Room

1. Materials Required

The first thing to do is to gather all the materials. Fear not, they are all cheap and easy to find in most homes.

They include:

  • One wire hanger. It has to be a single piece of metal wire construction.
  • A piece of cardboard, large and flat enough to function as your backboard.
  • Some tape, duct tape or marking tape will do.
  • Paint or markers, in your favorite colors.
  • Scissors.
  • A string or net, optional.

2. Shape The Wire Hanger

All you need to do to create the rim is to bend the wire hanger into a circular shape. Do not remove or cut off the hook part. Just reshape the body of the wire hanger into a circle. Make it as round as possible with your hands.

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3. Bend The Hook

Now take the hook part and bend it down. Or you can even bend it up; it doesn't matter. The aim is to keep it bent at a ninety-degree angle so that the hook is perpendicular to the rims. Be careful not to break it off.

4. Prepare The Cardboard

Now get the cardboard, and use the scissors to give it a proper shape and size. Visualize what a regular rectangular backboard looks like. To know the correct size, just hold the rim close to the board. You will get a rough idea of how large the backboard needs to be.

5. Paint The Backboard

Use the markers or paint to apply some color to the cardboard and hoop. If you want to keep things traditional, plaint the board white, as most basketball backboards are transparent/white. Give the hoops a coat of red color. You can also pick your favorite color combinations.

6. Attach The Rim To The Backboard

Use the tape to attach the hoop to the prepared and painted backboard. Take the bent hook portion and thread it through the board, through a small slit on the lower half. Then apply tape along the hook once it is correctly positioned at the rear of the board. The rim should be as close to the board as possible.

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7. Add Some Nets

If you want to make the hoop look as authentic as possible, make a net from the string and attach it to the rim. You can even use an actual net if one is available. This is an entirely optional step, for aesthetics.

8. Tape The Hoop To A Wall/Door

Hang the finished board on a wall or door surface of your choice, at a convenient height. The tape is the most straightforward solution for this purpose. You can apply the tape along the borders, or at corners and similar strategic locations.

Tabletop Origami Hoop For Anywhere

1. Materials Required

You only need one primary ingredient to make this origami hoop, and that is paper. Any paper will do, including regular printer paper. Just get two sheets, one for the hoop and the other for paper balls.

2. Fold The Paper From Top Corner

Take the first piece of paper and fold the top corner down. Make sure all the sides meet correctly, leaving a triangle, with a rectangular portion free at the bottom. Make sure that the folding creates a deep crease on the paper.

3. Fold From The Other Corner

Repeat the step from the other corner on the top. This step aims to get two intersecting crease lines on the paper, from the top two corners. Unfold the paper once you have a sharp crease.

4. Pinch From The Sides

This is a slightly tricky bit. Take the two sides of the paper and pinch them together. The creases will create two triangles that meet at the center. Pinch the paper at this center point and push the top of the paper down flat.

5. Create The Hoop

If done correctly, the last step will create a sheet with a triangle at the top, with two flaps. Take the ends of those flaps and bend them into a hoop shape. Stick one end into the other to keep the hoop secure.

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6. Create The Stand

This is easy. Just take the bottom half of the sheet, and fold it in from the sides to the center. Create proper creases on both sides of the sheet. Then unfold. Now the two sides of the paper should vaguely stay perpendicular to the flat base. You can now set the hoop upright.

7. Create The Balls

To play basketball with this hoop, you need lightweight paper balls. Tear up the second sheet of paper, and crumple those pieces into small balls. Check to ensure that they are small enough to pass through the hoop.

8. Final Step

Place the upright hoop on a surface, like a table. With stiffer papers, the whole thing should stand on its own without support. If not, place it leaning on a wall or some similar surface for extra stability and support. Now you are all set to shoot some hoops, at school or in the office!

These DIY hoops may lack in durability, but they more than make for that with the hours of fun they can give. And it takes next to no effort or expense to craft these things as well.

There are bound to be situations in which you are stuck in a room, unable to head outdoors. Be it an illness, injury, or just plain old boring classes or office hours. Have fun shooting on your own, or with some coworkers/friends!

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