10 Best Battery Vacuum Reviews & 11 Easy Buying Checklist

Gone are those days when you required to consider power outlet placement to be able to execute a cleaning mission using a vacuum cleaner. Battery powered or cordless vacuum cleaners are now mainstream for easy mobility, ability to clean hard reaching areas, improved operating power, and ease of use.

best battery powered vacuum

Cordless models come with high-specs and more operating power to be able to handle tough household cleaning jobs.

If you are to get the best battery vacuum for your home, you are on the right place. I will review the top 10 cordless vacuum cleaners that are currently dominating the market. You will also get a buying guide that will direct you which features and specs to pursue.



Editor's Rating


Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

5 out of 5

Black-Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

5 out of 5

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vaccum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

4.5 out of 5

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

4 out of 5

Dyson Cyclone V10 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

4.5 out of 5

10 Best Battery Vacuum Review

Let’s take a look at top rated cordless vacuum tools that are very popular among the users due to their smooth operation, reliability, and quality construction.

1. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The manufacturer has been producing household cleaners for more than 100 years, boasting a good reputation among the customers. Combining their years of experience, this vacuum cleaner is made to suit pretty much every household and office cleaning job easily.

Due to its lightweight design, you can use this tool without tiring your hands. Its low profile design allows you to get it under and around hard furniture swiftly.

For convenience, the intuitive power controls are positioned where your fingers naturally stay while using the cleaner.

When you are done cleaning with the vacuum, you can effortlessly release the dirt cup, ensuring zero contact with dirt and debris.

Although it runs on battery, it can provide you uninterrupted cleaning service as it comes with interchangeable batteries. You can see how much battery is left in the battery gauge. When the battery runs out, you can easily grab another battery and mount it to continue your cleaning mission. Put the drained battery to charge.

The cleaner is designed with edge cleaning bristles. When you clean, bring it close to walls and corners, it can efficiently clean those areas. Due to the wide cleaning path, it covers more area while shortening your cleaning time and effort.

This vacuum cleaner features powered brushroll and WindTunnel technology that effectively cleans dirt from deep surfaces such as carpet and hard floors. You will find the machine very useful at cleaning multiple floor types as well.

Key Features:
  • On the go interchangeable batteries
  • Edge cleaning bristles
  • WindTunnel technology for deep dirt cleaning
  • Lightweight design and easy to handle
  • Multifloor cleaning
  • Intuitive power controls
  • Battery fuel gauge indicator

2. Black-Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

A good reputable brand will make sure the quality and usability of their products are top-notch. The same goes for the brand Black-Decker.

The vacuum features a Lithium-ion battery that gives you a long and outstanding backup performance. Due to the fast charging technology, it takes around 4 hours to charge fully. The surprising fact is that the device can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

It also stops taking charge after the battery is full, which protects the battery. So, even if you are away from home for months, the battery will not completely drain and go waste without using much. You will hardly find another vacuum offering such a level of standby battery life.

The battery is also efficient at power consumption as well. It uses 50 percent less energy at a maximum of 16V.

With a suction power of 15.2 AW, this machine comes very handy at cleaning day to day dirt and moderate-sized particles from your furniture and floor. Also, its lightweight design allows you to use it for a prolonged period without making your hand fatigue; your hand will not feel tiring whatsoever.

Its cyclonic action provides enough power to keep the filter always clean and free from obstacles. You can easily see dirt and messy staff due to its bagless translucent dirt bowl.

To clean a variety of applications and things, it got a slim rotating nozzle. You can easily empty the bowl and wash it for convenience. Not all vacuum unit allows you to clean the bowl. It will ensure there is no harmful bacteria and virus build-up inside the bowl.

You will get a flip-up brush, crevice tool, and washable filter with the unit.

Key Features:
  • Long-lasting Lithium-ion battery
  • Lightweight design
  • 15.2 AW suction power
  • 20.6-ounces dustbowl capacity
  • Smart charge takes less energy and protects the battery from damage
  • Slim rotating nozzle
  • Washable bowl

3. iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vaccum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

This brand is one of the pioneers to bring robots in homes to take care of household cleanings. The Roomba vacuuming robot is one of their innovative products that takes all cleaning hassle on its shoulder.

Those who cannot manage time to vacuum dirt and debris from their home, this smart robotic cleaner can be a source of great ease for them.

The device features a 3-stage cleaning system that makes dirt, debris, and hair loose enough to be able to lift and then suctions from the carpet as well as hard floors. For larger sized debris and particles, it got dual multi-surface brushes that work as a team.

To be able to clean more efficiently, the smart cleaning device adjusts its cleaning head automatically to clean your hard floors as well as carpets effectively.

Things don't end here. It further optimizes its dust suction power with the help of its sensor and puts maximum effort to clean the highly concentrated areas of your house. This feature comes really effective when there is an occasion inside the house, and lots of people are gathering together.

The device also features intelligent sensors that navigate dirt around and under your furniture to be able to clean thoroughly.

You might have been wondering whether this smart cleaning device can effectively clean edges and corners of your home. The cleaner got edge-sweeping brush at 27 degrees angle to tackle the dirt from such hard reaching areas.

Cleaning was never so easy and convenient before. With the iRobot Home app, you can conveniently command it to clean your room or schedule time, and even monitor cleaning sessions. After 90 minutes of operation, the device automatically docks and recharges itself.

Key Features:
  • 3-stage cleaning system with dual multi-surface brushes
  • Auto adjustable cleaning head
  • Edge sweeping brush to clean edges and corners
  • Smart sensors for more effective and convenient cleaning
  • Smart home app to control cleaning
  • Voice-activated control

4. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco is a brand that implements industry-leading technology on their house cleaning tools to provide you a fully convenient cleaning experience. This product offers you a convenient cleaning service both for floors and ceilings.

With its powerful 350W brushless motor, you will get a more powerful cleaning hour. The machine feels pretty lightweight, which is a huge plus point to be able to clean ceilings using it.

To meet different cleaning demands, it comes with trigger and continuous power mode – trigger mode for picking up debris instantly, and continuous mode for more powerful whole-house cleaning.

Most vacuum cleaners these days produces a noticeable amount of noise, which causes disturbance to other members in the house and also frightens pets. With this one, you will not notice that much loud noise while it runs. Even though it stays super-quiet, it doesn’t make any compromise with the suction power.

The unit sports a 2000mAh lithium battery that provides you with 25 minutes of cleaning experience without any interruption. As the battery is detachable, you can easily swap between batteries for more convenience.

With the cleaner, you will get floor-to-ceiling cleaning accessories. So, it’s pretty much one in all device to maintain a neat and clean atmosphere in your house. The main body of the device weighs only 2.87 pounds.

You can convert it to a handheld machine too. This feature comes handy to meet multi-purpose cleaning requirements.

The vacuum sports a high torque multi-purpose brush, which delivers 2.5x power, and provides 80% deeper cleaning service than most conventional battery-powered vacuums.

Many vacuums tend to leak dirt due to weak filtration system. You are assured regarding this matter as well. It got a 4 staged fully sealed filtration system that locks dirt and debris particles no matter how tinny the size is. You will experience non-allergenic fresh air inside the house. The dustbin is pretty easy to empty.

Key Features:
  • High torque power brush for deep cleaning
  • Trigger and continuous power mode
  • 4-stage sealed filtration system
  • Lightweight design
  • Convertible as a handheld machine
  • Works as a floor-to-ceiling cleaning device
  • Super-quiet operation

5. Dyson Cyclone V10 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The manufacturer has multiple vacuum cleaning units in their product line. However, this one is one of the most popular among the customers due to its efficient cleaning power, great battery life, and great value for the money.

Due to its stick-like construction, this unit acts as a versatile cleaning tool for your house. You can conveniently continue the cleaning mission without having fatigue feeling in your hand as the device feels pretty lightweight.

The battery takes 3.5 hours to get fully charged and provides you up to 60 minutes of runtime at a non-motorized state. It features an instant-release trigger that ensures the battery is only used when it's cleaning, which impacts the battery life very positively.

Due to concentrically arranged cyclones around the central axis, the air is able to flow more efficiently.

You can use the vacuum up to 40 minutes in its suction mode, which involves a soft roller cleaning head, and up to 20 minutes of continuous operation in suction mode II with more suction power. The device is intelligently engineered to pick up both fine dust and larger debris.

From three power modes, you can select the suitable one that meets your cleaning demands depending on the surface and intensity of cleaning. You will find it gentle on your floors as well as carpets, but very tough on dirt and debris. For more convenient operation, you can change it to a handheld cleaner with one click.

Its fully-sealed filtration system traps 99% of the particles up to 0.3-micron size.

Key Features:
  • Three power modes to meet different cleaning requirements
  • Runs up to 40 minutes on the low powered mode
  • Changes to a handheld cleaner
  • Easily ejectable hygienic bin
  • High-capacity battery with 7 cell
  • Fully sealed filtration system
  • 14 concentric cyclones for more efficiently blowing

6. Moosoo Cordless Vacuum 10Kpa Powerful Suction 4 in 1 Stick Handheld Cleaner

You can get Moosoo all in one house cleaning solution at an attractive price tag. The vacuum is powerful enough to keep your house neat and clean regardless of the conditions.

The unit comes with a battery that allows you 35 minutes of uninterruptable cleaning service, which is pretty much enough to clean all around the house. It takes around 5 hours for the battery to get fully charged. With its 120W powerful suction system, you can pick up debris, dirt, and hairs with much efficiency.

Whether you want to clean hard floors, stairs, carpets, windowsills, bed, sofa, curtain, and desk, you will find the machine powerful enough to meet all your cleaning requirements.

To clean each and every corner of the room, it got a flexible head angle that fits every corner and hard reaching area without putting much effort. You can turn on the LED light to ensure whether there is any dust build-up left on the edges.

The motor creates a powerful and high-efficient cyclone that produces high-speed airflow to eliminate particles.

With its high-density HEPA filtration system, you can rest assured that your house is free of 99% dust particles. On top of that, you get highly purified air as well. The filter is washable, and you can recycle after a certain period.

Surprisingly, the primary machine weighs only 3.3 pounds. You can mount different cleaning attachments for various cleaning tasks. The ergonomic handle makes you feel comfortable to hold it for a prolonged period.

You will get the vacuum, motorized floor brush, dusting brush, aluminum alloy tube, 2200mAh battery with AC power adapter, cleaning tool, and wall bracket inside the package.

Key Features:
  • Powerful 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 120W powerful suction
  • High performing cyclone HEPA filtration system
  • 2 different cleaning modes
  • Lightweight design
  • Flexible head angle with LED light

7. Bissel Cordless Vacuum 1984 Green Air Ram

This is one of the high performing handheld cleaning vacuum from Bissel. The manufacturer beautifully designed the unit to be able to reach the toughest areas. Its powerful Lithium-ion battery produces enough power to meet regular household cleaning requirements.

The battery takes around 4 hours to get a full charge. Once it's charged, you can use the cleaner for 40 minutes without any interruption. The battery backup is more than enough to take care of pretty much all cleaning tasks of a medium-sized house.

Due to the lightweight design, you can hold the vacuum for a prolonged period without tiring the hand. It got a collapsible handle for convenient storage.

The motor is powerful enough to provide you 30 minutes of high-intensity cleaning performance. If you have multiple flooring surfaces, this one will be more than enough to clean dust and debris from them. Its innovative foot design along with multi-surface brush roll eliminate particles from carpets as well as hard floors.

There will be no scratches on hard floors when you use this unit to remove dust from them.

You can conveniently maneuver the unit under and around furniture with its swivel steering function. It is also convenient to clean dirt from hard to reach areas. The LED lights further ease the cleaning experience.

If you have pets inside the house, its powerful cleaning operation will efficiently remove pet hair as well as other messes.

This cordless vacuum features a convenient dirt bin that is very easy to empty with the simple slider — no chance of making a further mess while emptying the bin.

Key Features:
  • Powerful fade-free cordless suction
  • Lightweight design and collapsible handle
  • Multi-surface cleaning brushroll
  • 30 minutes of powerful operation
  • Swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver
  • Easy to empty dirt bin
  • LED light to detect dirt from corners

8. Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

It’s always good to invest in a vacuum that has multi-purpose usability. This vacuum cleaner comes with impressive battery backup as well as concentrated power to handle most of your house cleaning works.

Like most stick-shaped vacuums, this one feels pretty lightweight in hand as well. With the help of a push-button, you can quickly turn it into a handheld vacuum to clean dust and debris that are above the floor. Cleaning windows, as well as low height ceiling, was never so convenient before.

The unit comes with two interchangeable rechargeable batteries. This is something you don't get from every manufacturer. It's super convenient to use a battery while putting another one in charge for uninterruptable cleaning operation.

Both batteries will give you 80 minutes of cleaning time together; that is 40 minutes per battery. This runtime is tested while putting the vacuum in ION power mode. Due to the long battery life, it’s the best battery operated vacuum cleaner.

ION F80 features duo-clean, which comes pretty efficient at different cleaning purposes. The powerhead is for taking care of larger debris; two brushrolls can handle fine dust quite well.

It operates with much power, which is more than enough to pick-up everyday debris, dirt, pet hair, and dust from high traffic areas.

With its multi-flex technology, the vacuum allows you to access hard to reach areas easily. You can effortlessly bend its wand and clean under furniture with great convenience.

Its impressive engineering allows you to fold the device over its compact storage that doesn’t take too much of space. Compact storability comes great for small houses.

Key Features:
  • 2 powerful interchangeable batteries
  • Multi-flex technology to reach underneath, tight corners and edges
  • Duo-clean feature handles both large debris and finer dust
  • Compact storability
  • Up to 80 minutes of runtime
  • Transformable into a handheld vacuum with a push button

9. Black+Decker Cordless Stick Vacuum and Hand Vac 2-in-1

When most conventional vacuum cleaners make cleaning a tough job, Black Decker vacuum cleaner makes it much easier and reduces a lot of hassle from its users. Its rechargeable battery provides you enough backup to clean the entire house on a single charge.

Although it’s one machine, you can use it for multi-purposes as well. Cordless stick vacuum allows you to clean areas that require longer access. You can conveniently clean the entire house as well as get underneath and around furniture and obstacles without much trouble.

The unit can be turned into a handheld vacuum with ease. It allows you to quickly clean your bed, sofa, pet hair, and other things. Even when your kid drops something and makes a mess, you will find the handheld vacuum comes very handy. It’s the best handheld battery vacuum on the list.

Your carpet and bare floor require different suctioning power for effective cleaning. It can scratch the wooden floor if the power isn't adjusted correctly. Black Decker is pretty wise when it comes to handling different types of materials.

The vacuum features auto-sense technology that adjusts suction power automatically depending on what material you want to clean dirt and debris from.

It also features a battery sense display that shows you how much battery is left. Acknowledging this, you can recharge the battery in time so that there is no interruption during cleaning.

The weak filtration system profoundly influences vacuuming performance. To prevent any unwanted incidents, the unit features filter-sense technology. This alerts you about the time to change the filter in order to get uncompromised cleaning performance.

Key Features:
  • 2 in 1 stick/handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Smart filter-sense, battery-sense technology
  • Auto-sense to adjust suction power for multiple purposes
  • Lightweight design
  • Good battery life
  • Great portability

10. Prolux ION Battery Powered Bagless Stick Vacuum

Prolux offers you a decent battery-powered stick vacuum without breaking the bank. Its bagless construction might come great for some individuals who prefer super lightweight cleaning device. Also, its high airflow can handle your deepest cleaning needs.

This vacuum cleaner can provide you with 24 minutes of cleaning on a single charge. You will be able to clean a mid-sized house within this period. The machine provides enough suction power to effectively clean dirt and debris from your carpet, rugs, tile, and hardwood.

Its multi-surface cleaning nozzle swivels at 180 degrees to provide you great versatility to meet various cleaning requirements. You don't need to struggle to clean around the furniture and tight reaching areas.

Like most high-end vacuuming devices, this one also features an LED light that makes cleaning super easy underneath furniture and hard to reach areas.

You can turn it into a handheld vacuum cleaner with an upholstery and crevice tool that comes with the package. Once you unmount it from the long stick, it becomes more convenient to handle various cleaning requirements.

Even though the machine is powerful enough to handle the toughest cleaning jobs, it feels pretty lightweight as well. It provides excellent mobility your hand will not feel tiring even if you use it for a prolonged period.

The exciting thing about this vacuum is that you no longer need to use a bag. All the dirt and debris stay inside the tank; you need to notice when the tank is full and empty it in time. Lack of bag contributes to its lightweight build.

Key Features:
  • Dual cleaning mode for larger and finer objects
  • Bagless design
  • 24 minutes of uninterrupted runtime
  • Convertible to a handheld vacuum
  • Microfiltration system
  • Convenient storability
  • Bright LED lights

11 Best Battery Vacuum Buying Factors

As numerous options are available on the market, it’s always confusing to choose the best battery vacuum for your home that will provide great value for your money. But, you are here to find a solution, right?

This buying guide section mentions some key considerations to make while selecting a vacuum cleaner so that you don't regret later.

best battery operated vacuum

1. Lift-Away Handheld Vacuum

Most vacuums have long and large shapes that are easy to maneuver on the floor, but it's hard to lift and use for other cleaning purposes. When you are investing such amount of money for getting a cleaning tool, make sure it's worth it.

There are lots of vacuums that are transformable to a handheld machine for even more convenient cleaning works. Some devices have a dedicated push button that effortlessly turns it into a handheld one.

A handheld vacuum comes super handy when it’s about quick cleaning of your sofa, bed, table, and upholstery items. If you are to also clean your car using the vacuum cleaner, it's a must-have feature to look for.

2. Battery Life

Cordless vacuum cleaners require you to put them in charge to be able to use it without disturbance. The battery life of these items dramatically differentiates from each other. So, here you must ensure a unit that can provide long runtime so that you can cover the whole house without any interruption.

There is another option to consider. Some vacuums include interchangeable batteries that you can swap in between charges. You can use the charged battery while putting the drained one on the charging mode.

You also need to consider recharging time. Usually, it takes around 4-5 hours to charge a vacuum cleaner battery.

3. Power

Ask yourself the question, why do you need a vacuum cleaner? The answer is pretty much the same for everyone; it's because you want to keep your house cleaner.

To get effective cleaning performance, you must ensure the suction power of the machine is powerful enough to meet your cleaning requirements.

The suction power on cordless devices is measured by watts; more the number, more powerful the vacuuming is.

4. Weight

As a vacuum cleaner requires you to hold it with a hand and maneuver around different parts of the house, you must ensure the device feels lightweight in hand. A heavier vacuum cleaner will make your hand feel tiring and fatigued.

If you are going to use the machine as a handheld vacuum most of the time, getting a lightweight one is a must to continue cleaning comfortably.

5. Effectiveness

The best battery vacuum cleaner will be able to clean dirt and debris from different surfaces and objects. It needs to be easy on both hard surfaces such as wood, floors, etc. and soft surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, etc.

All the vacuums on the list above come with a dual-mode of cleaning that automatically triggers according to the hardness of the surfaces.

It's easier to clean from floors, tables, and other hard surfaces. However, more power is required when it's about cleaning finer debris from carpets. Make sure the vacuum you are about to get is effective at such cleaning conditions.

6. Noise Level

As you are dealing with a machine, it will make noise more or less. You cannot control the noise. However, you have the option to choose a unit that produces less sound compared to conventional ones.

Most of the devices on the list above, produce relatively less noise. Some of them stay super quiet while working. If you have senior citizens and highly sound-sensitive persons in the house, you need to make sure the vacuum doesn't make much noise.

7. Ease of Use

Your vacuum cleaning machine shouldn't be too complicated to use. Otherwise, it will be time-consuming to get things started, and you will have to deal with interrupts and obstacles.

Not all the time, you will be in the house. So, getting a simple and less-complicated vacuum cleaner will be easy to use for senior members of the house as well, and even your kids can use it if there is no harm related to it.

best battery operated vacuum cleaner

8. Meets the Needs of Your Space

There are corners, edges, hard-to-reach areas, furniture underneath, etc. places that require more cleaning effort. The best battery powered vacuum will always be able to maneuver around the furniture as well as underneath them.

Easy bendability, edge-sweeping brush, flexible head angle are the features to look for regarding this matter.

9. Effortless Cleaning

Easy mobility is a feature that makes it convenient for the user to clean dirt and debris from the house. Otherwise, cleaning will seem a huge and tiring task.

Also, make sure the handle of the vacuum is comfortable to hold. When you are to use the machine for a prolonged period, a comfortable grip will not make your hand feel tiring and fatigued.

10. Easy to Store

Compact storability is another essential factor to consider, especially for those who don't have enough space in the house. Many vacuums are very easy to bend and place on the stand. The way of docking the vacuum cleaner to the power outlet will be a lot easier if the device is easy to store.

11. Budget

Although I listed the budget factor at the last position, it's the only factor that can influence all other aspects that I mentioned earlier. Feature dense vacuums are a bit pricy. If you are on a low budget, you might have to compromise with the performance of cleaning.

However, on the list, I have reviewed some budget-friendly vacuums that manage to provide you with decent cleaning performance.

Think of it as an investment, which will ensure a clean environment inside the house while also making it easier for you to clean it.

Types of Best Battery Powered Vacuum

As you have gone through the review section, you must have noticed that vacuums are of different shapes and styles. There are primarily 5 types of vacuum to choose from. Depending on the intensity of cleaning, you need to buy the right one for your home.

best handheld battery vacuum

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

These types of vacuums are the most powerful ones. If your home has wall-to-wall carpeting setup, an upright vacuum cleaner would be the right one to get.

As removing embedded dirt and debris from carpet isn’t that easy, an upright cleaner uses its powerful suction to remove them. Most upright vacuums feature a bit heavier nozzle that easily reaches deep into the pile of carpets while ensuring better cleaning performance.

You will also get on-board handheld vacuums, hoses, tools, and wands to be able to clean upholstery, crevices, and things above floor spaces such as door and window frames, crown moldings, etc.

2. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Consider getting a canister vacuum if there are lots of stairs and bare floors in your house with only a few numbers of carpets; because maneuvering this type is a lot easier compared to other models.

Some models feature a rotating brush attached with the power nozzle that does the same job as upright ones. This attachment comes handy, especially if you have deep pile carpets in your home.

Although canister machines also feel a bit heavier, you can pick those up with your hands without much effort. There are attachments and hoses for dust, crevices, and upholstery.

3. Stick or Pole Vacuum Cleaner

These vacuums are lightweight, and you can easily pick them up to clean low pile rugs as well as bare floors. Due to the compact design, you can conveniently store one of these in any corner or kitchen closet, and pick up for quick clean-ups.

Some models come with a rotating brush and can be transformed into a handheld vacuum machine. You might also find a stick vacuum with useful attachments such as crevice tools, dusting brushes, and charging stand, which also works as storage.

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you find yourself too busy to do cleaning and staff, and want something else to take care of this job, it’s worth to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner. With the help of an app, you can command it to clean your house even when you are away from home. Some models are smart enough to get themselves charged when necessary.

Robotic vacuums use their built-in cameras and lasers to take a rough measurement of your rooms and make sure no spot remains uncleaned. They can even go under and around the furniture, which you might skip while cleaning manually.

5. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Nothing beats a handheld vacuum cleaner when it comes to the instant pick-up of day-to-day spills from floors or surfaces, including pet hairs, dirt, and debris from carpets or fabrics. This type is the best for cleaning your car as well. Some models feature attachments and hoses for picking up wet spills for convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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3. What Accessories Do I Need?

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5. What Power Mode is The Best?

6. Bagged Or Bagless?

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8. What’s The Difference Between Cordless Vacuum And Hand Vacuums?

The best battery vacuum will make the house cleaning work super convenient. Before making the final purchase, determine what your requirements are. Then, follow the buying guide to consider things that you must need in a vacuum.

You will surely find your desired vacuum cleaner within the top 10 suggestions mentioned above.