9 Best RC Boat Reviews And 16 Unavoidable Factors Buying Guide

Are you tired of the fact that you are leading a robotic life?

Jumping up from the bed at 7:00 am sharp, gobbling a quick sandwich and finally landing in the washroom tumbling. Such a boring routine can be killing.

Well, there are times when you want to let loose your carefree spirit by grabbing the best RC boat. It is a source of joy for both kids and adults.

Now, making the right choice can be a difficult task. What you do in this situation is that you surf the internet to view the pictures of different RC boats. You are an ardent believer that a picture is worth a thousand words.

However, you can never make the best choice until you explore the best options.

Let us give you a wakeup call by exploring some sophisticated RC boats that you may want.

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9 Best RC Boat Reviews

Napoleon Hill once said that “The worst of all human ailments: indecision.” Is your situation relatable to this quote, and you are unable to choose the top RC boat. If yes, explore the options below.

1. USA Toyz Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes – Udi001 Venom Fast RC Boat

USA Toyz Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes – Udi001 Venom Fast RC Boat


  • Perfect RC boat for adults and kids
  • Durable design
  • Ready to operate

Have you ever thought of sitting by a tranquil pond, and wished you could spill some water to create an exciting scene. USA Toyz best remote control boat can be an excellent choice to have some fun in the water.


When you want to select the best RC boat, then one of the critical criteria is speed. USA Toyz boat offers unmatchable speed. You need to thank the sizable propelling system of this boat, and it makes the boat a rocket on water. USA Toyz boat can quickly achieve a speed of about 20mph.

You will find it incredibly easy to control this boat due to the presence of incredible features like advanced LCD. If you are the sort of person who is keen to play safe, then the USA Toyz boat does offer you the facility to check the battery life of the boat.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Impromptu crashes should not be a fear factor for you because the boat has an exclusive stop button. An upturned boat does not get damaged because the boat is double sealed. Water will not get into your boat by any means.

However, we all know that it is hard to acquire perfection. You will notice a slight loophole when you operate this boat. When you adjust the trim, the boat does not drive straight.

2. Top Race RC Boat

Top Race RC Boat


  • Offers the best gaming experience
  • Rugged built
  • Rechargeable battery

Are you prone to dropping things, and then scared of seeing them scatter into a thousand pieces right in front of your eyes? Well, if your answer is yes, then the Top Race RC boat can be your choice. The boat has a solid construction. It has a unique, self-righting design.

You are often caught in a situation when you have to value every dime. Your eyes are searching for cheap RC boats. Top Race boat will not let you down and can compete with any expensive race boat.


The boat can change direction at a bullet’s speed. It can move backwards, forwards, left and right. Plus, you can flip it also. The moment you lift the boat out of the water, it gets inhibited, and will not start again till the boat is back in the water.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but honestly speaking the Top Race RC boat does look nice. Most of you scream at the sight of complex interfaces and remote controls. The good news is that the Top Race boat has a user-friendly control, and even your child can use it.

However, you may fumble a bit when you have to disconnect the battery and charge it.

3. Oskide Remote Control Boat

Oskide Remote Control Boat


  • Has a waterproof design
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful packaging

We all have this perfection freak inside us, who at times is not willing to make any compromises. When you set your eyes on Oskide Remote Control boat, then the dazzling red colour will please your perfectionist spirit.


The auto flip recovery feature of this boat will blow you away. If the boat capsizes by chance, then the boat goes back up right away. The Oskide boat has a wear-resistant propeller too. If you feel the need for speed, then good news awaits you because this boat can quickly reach a speed of about 25KM/H.

Oskide Rc boat deserves the label of cheap fast RC boats. Despite the affordable price, high-quality ABS plastic gets used for boat construction. The quality plastic makes the boat impact-resistant, so do not freak out if you drop it by chance. You can enjoy watching this boat running smoothly for 2 hours straight when you want to while away the time.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

For beginners, the boat offers 4-channel control. Manuals always do good because they help the user understand the features of a boat. Oskide can mesmerise the audience by providing an easy to read manual so that the users can follow the instructions to the core.

The only irritating thing we figured out so far is that boat does not come with a battery charger.

4. Sharkool Remote Control Boats

Sharkool Remote Control Boats


  • An exclusive motor cooling system
  • Prompt low battery reminder
  • Unique design

Going for a poorly packaged Rc boat is annoying. However, when you go for Sharkool remote control boat, then you will get an exclusive charging cable and two chargeable batteries. If you are fidgety, the manual comes in handy and gives you the needed information about this boat.


The controller has this beautiful crystal display. You will be happy with the right turn and left turn trim buttons. Plus, this little boat is fast beyond your imagination. The display will show you the backward and the forward trim.

You do not have to get hysterical about the battery strength level also because the display will provide the relevant information. Sharkool has two hatches. The outer hatch has a single lock. The inner hatch has about 4 locks.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

The extras that come with this boat will surely please you if you are planning to save some money. You will get a USB charger and an extra propeller with this boat also. You also get to hear an alarm when the battery runs low.

However, even the picture-perfect things have their set of flaws. The Sharkool boat lacks when it comes to durability, but this element can get improved with a few changes in the design.

5. Force1 Velocity RC Boat

Force1 Velocity RC Boat


  • Flawless quality
  • Premium motor
  • Fast speed

When you are looking for the ultimate boat experience, the Force1 Velocity RC boat will win you. The large propeller and high-speed motor will assure you of your wise investment. What is cool about this boat is that you get one spare battery too. You can make use of the new battery when the first one dies away.


The radio signal strength gets displayed on the remote. Most of you are very particular about your colour choices. You will get thrilled to see the bright green and blue colour. Whenever you want the motor to start, then all you need to do is place your boat in the water.

You will not want to destroy the function of the boat, so make sure that you do not put the boat in salty water. You need to put the boat in the freshwater only.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

Now, the fascinating part is that you can run two Force1 Velocity boats at the same time. However, you should pair the boat with its own transmitter. Due to these unmatchable qualities, Force1 boat can get labelled as the best remote control boat.

The boat has a low alarm system too that is loud enough to awaken you from your thoughts. You may get put off by the poor steering system, and it surely needs to get fixed.

6. German Bismarck Military Battleship 1/360 RC 28" Warship R/C Cruiser

German Bismarck Military Battleship


  • Capable of making sharp turns
  • No water leakage
  • Appealing exterior

The idea of warships drives your imagination into medieval ages. The good news is that you can relive the imagination in the real world by buying the German Bismarck ship. It is an inexpensive ship that is available with two independent propellers.


Bismarck has an incredible range of about 100 yards. The best part is that the RC boat is easy to navigate also. You will not have to rush to charge the boat because it has a battery life of about 30 minutes. Despite the sharp turns, the boat remains buoyant and does not tend to overturn.

You will not have to take any pain to start running this boat because it comes pre-assembled. Additionally, the glossy exterior paint looks appealing to the eyes. What you will love about this boat is that you can move the turrets also.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

It is human nature that we start to question the durability if the boat is cost-friendly. However, the good news is that Bismarck has a powerful motor. Plus, you will not need any extra batteries once you invest in this boat.

The only thing the Bismarck misses out on is a light indicator for identifying that the battery is full.

7. SZJJX RC Boat



  • Exclusive LCD on transmitter
  • Apt size
  • Fast speed

Does the idea of a perfect-sized boat racing around your pool excite you? If yes, then grab Szjjx Rc boat. The waterproof hull and the unique design will lure you towards this boat.


Complex RC boats discourage most of the buyers. However, operating Szjjx is going to be a different experience altogether. The boat offers 4-channel control. You have the freedom to move this boat right, left, backwards and forward. It has a 2.4Ghz controller that allows you to race multiple boats at the same time.

The boat comes with a small lithium battery that can get recharged with ease. The mechanism of this boat is such that it starts to run when its surface hits the water. If you want to experience the speed, then consider using this boat in a large pool.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

You never want your boat to shatter into pieces or get damaged after the first run. You need not have this fear for Szjjx because impact-resistant material ABS-plastic gets used in the construction of this boat.

Feature-wise the boat meets your expectation, but the look and feel of the boat does need a bit of improvement. Secondly, the manual will help the user to operate this boat efficiently.

8. Allcaca Waterproof Remote Control Car Boat

 Allcaca Waterproof Remote Control Car Boat


  • Multi-functional stunt car with a unique design
  • Visually Appealing
  • Designed to last long


Seeing your RC boat splashing through the water is a fun sight. If you go for Allcaca RC boat, then it will double your joy. It has a water-proof inner rubber ring that can help to protect the accessories of car when driving in the water.

What you will appreciate about this car that it can complete 360-degree spin without a problem. The car boat makes use of 2.4Ghz Remote Technology which allows multiple RC boats to race together.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

Additionally, the car boat comes with two batteries. It takes about two hours to charge the batteries. After the charging you can look forward to a playtime of 15 to 20 minutes with this car.

Despite the pluses, the car boat falls short when it comes to the power of the motor.

9. Szjjx Rc Boat with Long Battery Life

Szjjx Rc Boat with Long Battery Life


  • Anti-tilt boat
  • User-friendly controls
  • High-quality construction material

The sparkling blue colour of Szjjx Rc boat is a delightful sight for any RC boat lover. It is lightweight and races through the water effortlessly.


The boat is available with a convenient remote so that it becomes easy for you to set the cruising speed. It offers a playtime of about 15 to 20 minutes. Plus, Szjjx comes with two batteries, so that you do not have to worry if one battery runs out.

You will appreciate the responsive design of this boat. Secondly, the hull design will not let the boat overturn. The boat has flexible steering too for facilitating smooth operation. The alarm also starts when the battery of the boat is low.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

Szjjx has a small turn radius making it perfect for small lakes and pools. The reason you are sceptical about investing in some RC boats is because of the unavailability of parts. However, for Szjjx, you can get hold of the needed parts by contacting the seller right away.

You can use the boat in saltwater, but consider washing it afterwards. The only loophole we figured out so far is that it is difficult to remove the lid.

RC Boat Buyer’s Guide

best remote control boat Buyer’s Guide

1. Advice for Buying for a Child

When you plan to buy an Rc boat for a kid, then you need to understand the child’s mind to evaluate his requirements. The essential aspect is that the boat should be easy to use. The controller must fit into the child’s hands.

Once children like a toy, they are keen to play with it for a long time. Ideally, you need to go for an Rc boat that has two batteries so that the child gets double on the water time. The boat should have a range of about 100 meters so that your child can have fun racing in large lakes or small ponds.

2. What to Expect at Different Price Points

If you go for an expensive Rc boat, then you will come across high-quality construction and mechanics. On the contrary, if you go for an inexpensive Rc boat, then you may have to compromise on the quality of construction material.

Secondly, an affordable boat may miss out on some additional perks like controller batteries. You may need to purchase them separately. When you go for an expensive boat, then you can look forward to many advanced features also.

The self-righting feature is one of them. For example, if your inexpensive boat flips over, then you have to wait for the boat to drift to the shore. However, the self-righting boats have a push button, and the boat rights itself.

3. Different Brands

Well, there is massive competitive when it comes to the top Rc boat brands. If we have to name a few Traxxas is a reputed name in the world of Rc boats. It offers a broad range of easy to use boats. USA Toyz is also a reputed name when it comes to quality toys and boats for kids.

Altair also offers high-speed boats that are fun to use.

4. Size

When you go for an entry-level Rc boat, then it has a size of about 17-inches. The good news is that you can upgrade the size of your boat. For example, you can upgrade the boat to 24 inches or 26 inches. However, there is one essential that you must remember. The large boats have large motors, and they are more suitable for a large water body.

For example, if you want to take your boat to a large lake, then a small boat can flip over, and may not be able to stand the rough water.

5. Power

remote control boat review

You will come across three different power sources for the Rc boats.

  • Gas Power
  • Nitro Power
  • Electric Power

The best Rc boats make use of battery power as a fuel source. What you will appreciate about the battery-powered boats is that they do not require a lot of maintenance. 

Plus, the latest electric-power boats are faster than they used to be in the past. If you are a newbie, then it is advisable to go for an electric-power boat.

Now, coming to gas-powered boats, they are noisy in comparison to the electric-powered boats. You will come across Nitro-powered boats in the market also. They make use of a special fuel mixture and glow engine.

However, Nitro-powered boats are difficult to tune in comparison to the gas-powered boats.

6. Design

You should consider going for an Rc boat that has a modular design, and a waterproof hull. The benefit of such a boat is that it will not tilt as it cruises in the water. Secondly, the boat should use ABS plastic for construction. The material is lightweight, and it positively influences the boat speed.

7. Speed

cheap fast rc boats

Consider choosing a speed for your Rc boat that suits your skills. What you need to keep in mind is that the speed will affect the overall performance of the boat. If you already bought your boat, and want to increase the speed, then consider removing the gloss from the bottom surface.

Once you remove the gloss, then it improves the aerodynamics of your boat because there is less resistance.

8. Water-Cooled

When you are looking for the best rc boat under 100, then your key requirement should be a water-cooled motor. The water-cooled motors allow water to circulate in and out of the motor. It helps to keep the motor cool at racing speed.

9. Self-Righting

If you are planning to run the boat in rough waters, then the self-righting feature is the lifeline for your boat. If the boat gets flipped over in the choppy water, it will be back upright.

10. Low-Battery Alert

If you are looking for the best remote controlled boats for lakes or cheap fast rc boats for rough water, there is one essential you must remember. Go for a boat that has a low-battery alert. Once the battery gets low,  you will get to hear a beep on the controller. As a result, your boat will not stop halfway in the water.

11. Safety Features

Most of you are on the lookout for the best rc boat for the money, but you should not compromise on the safety features also. For example, if the boat has a single prop and water-cooled motor, then it guarantees a reliable and smooth operation.

12. Manoeuvrability

When you are looking forward to improved manoeuvrability, then you should go for an Rc boat with Deep-V design. They are also called monohulls. The hull design contributes to high speed and stability. The Deep-V design also makes it easy for the user to change the direction of the boat.

13. Durability

Consider choosing a boat that makes use of high-quality construction material because the material makes it impact-resistant and durable.

14. Cost

If a beginner-level Rc boat player, then consider opting for a cheap Rc boat. The best part is that you can easily get the best rc boat for pool under 100.

15. Experience Level

The experience level also influences your Rc boat selection. Advanced features are more of a requirement for the experienced Rc boat users. You can settle for the basic features if you are a beginner. For example, the battery life may be shorter for affordable boats.

16. Controls

Ideally, your Rc boat controller should have strong signal strength. The benefit is that when the transmitter sends the signal to the receiver, the boat will perform the desired action.

Types of RC Boats

Types of cheap rc boats

1. RC Boats with Camera

Well, Rc boats with a camera do have the edge over their counterparts. The camera facilitates capturing clear pictures. The boat should have a 720P HD camera. 720P is medium-HD. It has a resolution of 1280*720 pixels, and they contribute to improved image quality.

2. Remote Control Pontoon Boats

You can also think along the lines to go Remote Control Pontoon Boats. They are flattish boats, and they sit high in the water. As a result, you do not have to worry about any damage to the boat.

3. Saltwater RC Boats

You may use some RC boats in saltwater, but it is a bit risky. The reason is that high levels of salt in the water can damage the boat. The way out is that you should clean your boat with neutral base soap and plenty of water after using it. However, boats like UDI001 Venom cannot get used in saltwater.

4. Miniature RC Boat

If you plan to use your Rc boat in a small water body, then you can consider opting for a tiny boat. Brands like Altair and SZJJX do offer mini boats. Most of these boats have a quick charging time, and a water-cooled motor to prevent overheating.


1. What’s The Best RC Boat To Buy?

The following are some of the best boats:

  • Force1 H102 Velocity
  • Altair AA Aqua
  • Traxxas Spartan

2. How Fast are RC Race Boats?

Usually, an RC boat can reach a maximum speed of 35mph. If you opt for a gas tank, and a gas motor, then your boat can exceed the speed of 50mph.

3. How Long Do RC Boats Run?

On an average, an RC boat may run for about 6 to 12 minutes depending upon the speed.

4. How Do RC Boats Work?

Every RC boat has four essential components:

  • Power source
  • Motor
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver

The transmitter of the control sends a signal to the receiver. There is a circuit board inside the receiver that receives the signal and activates the motor as commanded by the boat’s transmitter.

5. Can RC Boats Go in Saltwater?

Some Rc boats can go in saltwater, but they are still vulnerable to damage.

6. What’s the Fastest RC Boat?

The following are some of the fastest Rc boats:

  • Atomik Rc boat has a speed of about 30mph
  • Feilun Rc boat has a speed of about 28 mph

7. What is the Best RC Boat for Rough Water?

  • USA Toyz Rc boat
  • UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

8. Where to Buy RC Boats?

If you want to buy the best RC boat, then consider making your purchase from Amazon.

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