7 Best Steak Knives Reviews & 7 Simple Buying Checklist

The best steak knives are designed specifically to cut meat when you are eating it. These knives come with serrated blades, but often over-looked. Many people do not understand what the qualities of a high-quality steak knife are. This guide will certainly help you in choosing the best for your kitchen.

Things To Consider:

You might be wondering like “should I care that much about keeping a set of steak knives?” Yes, that is important. You spend a considerable amount of money when buying steak, cooking it, and then serving it on the table with other side-dishes. It should be a complete dining experience for you and the people having that delicious meat with you. So, it is important to get a set of high-quality steak knives. Buying a set of the best steak knives is not as easy as it may seem. You must check these steak knife sets to pick a right set for your kitchen.



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AmazonBasics Premium 8-Piece Knife Set

5 out of 5

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set

5 out of 5

Henckels International Statement 15-Pc Knife Block Set

4.5 out of 5

Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 4-Piece Steak Knives Set

4 out of 5

Chicago Cutlery #B144/1104670 4pc Walnut Tradition Steak Knife Set

4.5 out of 5

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Best steak knife reviews

1. AmazonBasics Premium 8-Piece Knife Set:

AmazonBasics Premium 8-Piece Knife Set

This steak knife set is perfect for adding refined style to a perfectly decorated table. This set features knives designed to maintain their classic appeal and perform exceptionally great. You must get this set if you recently moved to your new home and throwing a party.

Key Features:
  • These artfully crafted knives are built from stain-resistant steel and have impressive design.
  • Equipped with triple-riveted, ergonomic handles.
  • All eight knives have a perfect weight balance.

These features make this steak knife set a great choice for every home.

2. Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set:

All the 18 knives in the Fusion Forged 18- Piece Block Set feature tough blades built from forged high-carbon stainless steel. The ergonomic grip of the handle makes these knives pretty comfortable to use.

Key Features:
  • You get 3.25” parer, 5” utility, 3” peeler, 8-4.25” steak knives, 8” slicer, 7.75” chef, 7” satoku, 5” partoku, and 8” stainless steel made sharpening knife in this set.
  • Built from forged stainless steel to offer rigid blades.
  • All the knives feature great balance for precision performance.

This knife set has every knife you might like to use while having your meal.

3. Henckels International Statement 15-pc Knife Block Set:

Henckels International Statement 15-Pc Knife Block Set

This knife set features sharp tools to take care of all the cutting jobs in your kitchen and on the dining table. These knife set includes knives with rigid and sharp blades and ergonomic handles for better accuracy.

Key Features:
  • All the knives include blades built from top quality stainless steel.
  • The one-piece precision-stamped blade design ensures a long-lasting life of the knives.
  • The knives are dishwasher safe, lightweight, and versatile for cutting any food you want.

4. Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 4-Piece Steak Knives Set:

Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 4-Piece Steak Knives Set

Top quality Japanese stainless steel is used to cast durable Ginsu Chikara knives. All the knives in this set are sharp and perfectly balanced to offer an exceptional cutting experience.

Key Features:
  • All the knives in this set are forged steak knives, prepared from premium quality Japanese stainless steel.
  • The razor sharp blades of these knives make cutting fairly simple and the handle offer an ergonomic grip for precision cutting.

There are four 5” steak knives in this set and all are perfect for cutting small chunks of tough meats.

5. Chicago Cutlery #B144/1104670 4pc Walnut Tradition Steak Knife Set:

Chicago Cutlery #B1441104670 4pc Walnut Tradition Steak Knife Set

If you want only steak knives to complete your kitchen knife set, this steak knife set from Chicago Cutlery is a great choice. These precision built knives will offer an exceptional meat slicing and cutting experience.

Key Features:
  • Featuring 4 highly durable steak knives built from high-carbon steel.
  • Equipped with full tang blades.
  • Equipped with sold walnut handles that offer these knives a classic appeal.

Chicago Cutlery is offering a full lifetime warranty and that’s why you must consider this steak knife set.

6. Utopia Kitchen 8 Pieces Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set:

Utopia Kitchen 8 Pieces Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

This 8-piece steak knife set from Utopia Kitchen features highly impressive and robust knives for cutting steak and other foods. These knives make the table look awesome and perform exceptionally well when it comes to cutting meals.

Key Features:
  • There are eight high-quality stainless steel made steak knives.
  • The blades are rust-resistant, tarnish-resistant, and dishwasher safe.
  • The micro-serrated edges of these knives aid in precision cutting of meat.

7. MCIRCO Steak knives:

MCIRCO Steak Knives

All the eight steak knives in this set are considered perfect for both commercial and household use. Mcirco has been one of the leading home and kitchen product supplier and this steak knife set features why this brand is one of the best.

Key Features:
  • All the knives in this set are strong, substantial stainless steel, durable, and fairly easy to use.
  • You can clean these knives in dishwasher.
  • Cutting the steak with these knives would be very easy because of their razor sharp blades and great balance.

Who Should You Get a Steak Knife Set?

A steak knife makes it handy to cut the steak. It is a table knife which you must have if you love to serve and eat steak. Its serrated blade allows you to cut perfect slices of steak while eating it. Eating steak or other kinds of meats become pretty easy when you have this knife in your hands. Every modern restaurant features this knife when serving exquisite culinary delight. You should also have a set of steak knives if you love to have steak. Everyone in your family and guests will need one whenever they will sit on the dining table to have delicious meat.

Should You Keep A Steak Knife Set At Home?

You should once try to slice a juicy sirloin with your butter knife. It will totally reveal how poor normal knives perform when it comes to slicing steak and other meat. A steak knife is a unique tool because it comes with straight and serrated blade. The serrated portion makes it easier to cut the meat slices and straight edge comes handy when you are cutting a smoother portion of the meat. All in all, steak knives are built to help the user in enjoying delicious sirloin with ease. You will not struggle with your meat and have it with ease.

What Makes A Good Steak Knife?

Buying a set of the best steak knives would be much easier for you if you know what makes a good steak knife. First of all, high quality steak knives have great balance. Most of the buyers check the sharpness of the blade and forget about the balance. Your chosen steak knives’ balance must be perfect otherwise you may find it difficult to use on the dining table. Some steak knives come only with straight edge which is not ideal for crusty cuts. You should pick a knife that has both straight and serrated edges to get perfect cuts on the meat. A perfect steak knife set features knives with great balance and serrated edge.

Benefits of Owning A Set Of Steak Knives:

Everyone buys steak knives mainly to eat delicious meals such as steak, Cornish hens, leg quarters, beef steaks, and other foods that you need to cut before eating easier. You can enjoy your meal without struggling with it to cut it into smaller chunks. It is obvious that you cannot cut meat with just a set of fork and spoon. You will waste several essential minutes if you try to do it. That’s why everyone should have a set of steak knives. It is not just about eating delicious sirloins. You can cut any meal you have in your plat and that’s what makes steak knives pretty handy.

Things You Must Know Before Buying Best Steak Knives:

Things You Must Know Before Buying Best Steak Knives

Some people might not think a lot before buying the best steak knives. They may think any highly promoted set of steak knives can do the trick but unfortunately that is not true. You need a knife set that looks elegant, offers precision cutting, and lasts for a long time. Buying such a top-quality steak knife set isn’t easy. Though, you can make it easier by knowing some important things about steak knives before buying a new set.

1. Look:

Many people would say that only performance matters but you should think in a different way. Just imagine that you are throwing a party and inviting your office colleagues. It would be a bad impression if you offer old-looking knives. Some of your guests might hesitate in using them. The look always matters and the reviewed steak knife sets look very impressive. You must consider the look with performance and that’s how you can get a perfect steak knife set for your home. You must invest in impressive looking knives if you are buying a few sets for your restaurant.

2. Feature:

When it comes to features, your chosen steak knives must be built from stainless steel. This material is tough, rust-proof, and looks attractive for many years. You should also consider the balance of the knife. It should feel comfortable in your hand cut meat pieces perfectly at any angle you want. The modern-age steak knives have ergonomic handles which lead to precision cutting of meals people eat. So, check these features carefully and ensure your knife set includes some feature-rich knives.

3. Edge Preference:

Many buyers think that all the steak knives have serrated edges but that is not true. The steak knives are actually divided into three categories depending on the type of edge they have. The type of edge creates a huge difference in the way you cut your meat. So, it matters that you pick a steak knife with the right kind of edge. However, it can be a bit confusing to know which edge would be perfect for cutting your meal. In addition, you may need all three types of steak knives if you want a few new sets for your restaurant.

Let’s first check the types of steak knife edges to know how each one is different. It will also help you in learning which type of steak knife edge is perfect for different foods.

i. Straight Edge:

The straight edge steak knives come with a straight edge. These knives are sharp and good enough to cut steak smoothly like butter. A lot of people prefer straight edge steak knives because they want to create cleaner cuts while having delicious meat. You may not know but whenever you use a straight edge knife to cut meat, it is actually a straight edge steak knife. However, these knives require more maintenance than serrated edge knives. Steak knives with straight edge can easily lose their sharpness. You may need to sharpen it time and again to maintain their effectiveness.

ii. Serrated Edge:

The serrated edge knives are pretty different and considered highly useful for cutting steak, meat, and other tough foodstuff. The serrated edge comes with numerous tiny and sharp ridges. A knife with this type of edge tears apart meat chunks. This edge is not suitable for making cleaner cuts but it can easily cut hard portion of the meat. If you have no issue with making rough cuts on your meat, you can buy serrated edge steak knives and use them whenever you enjoy juicy steaks. This type of knives might not be the best suited for the restaurants and that’s why you should offer both straight edge and serrated edge steak knives.

iii. Micro-Serrated, or Hollow Edge:

The micro-serrated edge knives are between the straight edge and serrated edge knives. These knives come with an edge that is lightly serrated. This edge is perfect to tear apart hard meat chunks without making a rough cut. So, if you want precision cut through a serrated knife, you should buy a set of micro-serrated knives. Just like straight edge knives, micro-serrated knives can also lose their sharpness due to coming in contact with plate time-and-again. It would be really tough to sharpen that micro-serrated edge. So, you can either turn it into a straight edge knife or buy a new one.

4. Materials Used to Prepare Steak Knives:

Materials Used To Prepare Steak Knives

A variety of materials are used to produce steak knife blades and handle. It is the material that ensures durability and performance of the knife. Therefore, you must know which material is used for making highly durable steak knives.

A. High-carbon steel:

The high-carbon steel made steak knives are highly recommended knives. Even the chefs and restaurant owners prefer these knives. It is easy to sharpen the high-carbon steel made blade and it remains sharp for a long time. So, if you want to invest in high-quality steak knives, these should be high-carbon steel made steak knives.

B. Stainless Steel:

The stainless-steel edge knives are probably the most widely used knives. Though it is tough to sharpen and maintain the sharpness of the blade, these knives remain useful for a long time. This material never rusts and that’s why stainless steel made steak knives are also highly recommended if come with serrated edge.

C. Damascus:

The Damascus steel is one of the highly used materials for producing knives with beautiful blades. This multi-layered material features a variety of patterns over the blade that offers a unique appeal to the knife. If you want to impress your guests with something unique on the dining table, it can be a set of Damascus steel made knives. People will love to hold it in their hands and admire the beauty of the patterns appearing on the blade. That’s what makes Damascus pretty unique.

D. Alloy steel:

The alloy steel-made knives are different from high-carbon and stainless steel knives. A variety of alloys are deliberately mixed in steel to improve its properties when preparing alloy steel. The alloy steel blade remains tough and sharp for a long time but it may not look as appealing as stainless steel blades.

E. Rosewood:

Rosewood knives are built from steel but feature a rosewood-made handle for a better grip and comfort. Rosewood is a popular choice for making steak knife handles because of its durability. The carved handle shape of rosewood knives make them easy to use and these knives look pretty elegant. You can also get hand-crafted rosewood knives if you check online. A lot of people are buying these knives for the charming appeal of the handle that tightly holds the blade.

F. Pom:

POM or polyoxymethylene is renowned for its high toughness, hardness, stiffness, and strength. It is one of the most widely chosen materials for preparing knife handles. This material comes with great resistance to organic solvents and with lubricity. That’s why it is highly preferred for preparing ergonomic steak knife handles.

G. Pakkawood:

Pakkawood is a plastic composite material, produced mainly for producing knife handles. This wood is widely chosen to prepare steak knife handles because it can be available in various different colors. It closely resembles natural wood but its toughness, durability, and ability to grip blade tightly makes it perfect for knife handles. Some professional knifemakers also call it a phenolic-impregnated wood because of the way it is produced.

H. Forged versus Stamped Blades:

Both forged and stamped knives are used by people across the worlds but the some individuals think forged knives are better than stamped ones. The stamped knives are affordable and these tools usually no bolster. Forged knives on the other hand are more expensive, usually bolster, and come with a thicker blade. A variety of things differentiate both type of knives and both are useful in different situations.

5. Handle:

Steak Knives Handle

As you can check online, different steak knives come with different size’s and different shape’s handles. Manufacturers use different materials to equip this knife with a rigid handle so that you can grip it perfectly while cutting the meat. Your steak knife set must have knives with ergonomic handles so that you can use them comfortably.

6. Balance:

You should think about knife’s balance when buying a new one. It is an important characteristic and it can affect the cutting ability of the knife. Your steak knife should be perfectly balanced against the weight of the blade. Popular brands consider it as an important feature whereas cheap quality knives never offer a great balance.

7. How Does It Fit in Your Hand?

A steak knife with too thin handle can be tough to use if your hands are large. Its handle must fit perfectly in between your forefingers and hand. That’s how you will be able to use it effectively when sitting in front of your friends and enjoying delicious steak.

8. Price:

The last and very important thing you should consider is the cost of steak knives. You may be able to spend enough money for buying a set of the best steak knives but do not spend without considering the quality of the knives. In addition, you might like to get a good discount if placing multiple orders for your restaurant. You must check the reviews first and then spend your money to ensure you will get high-quality product for the money you are spending.

Care and Maintenance:

You can buy a set of beautiful steak knives and you would like to maintain them for a long time, but it can be tough. Follow this guide to ensure your knives will remain new and effective for a long time.

  • Knives require extra care to perform their job perfectly, therefore you should never soak your steak knives in water. Never wash steak knives with soap or any other cleaning agent because it can affect their sharpness and blade material. You should dry the blade immediately after cleaning it with a damp cloth or sponge to maintain it properly.
  • Many people wash their knives with water and then leave them as it is in the stand. It is not a great way of cleaning the knives. Never leave wet knives because the water drops will soon turn into stains if it is a stainless-steel knife. The blade can rust if it is built from other alloy.
  • Third and the most important tip is about cleaning the knives. You can use white vinegar to clean your knives. It comes with excellent cleaning features. This cleaning agent works much better if you heat it for a while and then use for cleaning your steak knives. Take a few drops on a sponge or a clean cloth and then rub it gently over the blade. Let it dry and then wipe the blade with a damp cloth to remove white vinegar and clean the blade.

The Best Way Of Using Steak Knives:

You should set the steak knife on the table only if you are serving meat otherwise you should not place it on the dining table. Try to make slices instead of pushing it too hard towards downside because this action will reduce the sharpness of your knife’s blade. Hold the knife gently between your forefingers and palm to move it perfectly while cutting your meat.

Steak knife is an essential kitchen that you must have in your kitchen if you love to have steak and other types of meats. A high-quality steak knife will make slicing the meat very easier for you and thus you can focus completely on the taste and not on cutting your meat.

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