How to Use Vacuum Cleaner in Easy 8 Steps?

There is no denying the impact vacuum cleaners have on our home cleaning routines. There is a clear difference in the amount of dust and dirt that you will find in any house, before and after using a vacuum cleaner. Modern vacuum cleaners are incredibly efficient and versatile machines. Gone are the days when they used to struggle in cleaning thick carpets and different surfaces.

They are also getting lighter and more compact with time. Vacuum cleaners are so versatile these days, thanks to the many attachments they come with. So much so that you can even use them in ways that you never imagined before.

Learn 8 Easy Steps – How To Use Vacuum Cleaner And Its Attachments

8 Steps - How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

We have all seen and used vacuum cleaners in all probability. But do you know the proper way to use one? Check out the steps below to see if you are using a vacuum cleaner the right way.

Step 1: Examine the Vacuum bag area

This is the important part of the device where all the dust gets deposited. Older models sport a bag, while newer vacuums use a removable canister. Change the bag if it is full, and empty it if it is a reusable canister. Forget to do this often, and your vacuum will malfunction.

Step 2: Check the vacuum's height

Vacuums have adjustable height settings to deal with carpets of varying thickness. If the setting is not low enough, the vacuum will not have enough suction to clean the carpet properly. And if it is too low, the airflow will be affected. Always check this setting before tackling your carpets.

Step 3: Move All Of The Smaller Items Out

Furniture is not very easy to move out of the way. But try to move other objects from the area before starting your vacuum cleaner. Clutter can slow down your cleaning process.

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Step 4: Turn the vacuum on

Once everything is all clear, turn the device on. Use slow even strokes as you push the machine to and fro on the floor. Move it too quickly, and the cleaning will not be thorough.

Step 5: Use the vacuum's attachments

All vacuums come with attachments to improve their performance in specific areas and zones. Make full use of these tools to get the right cleaning out of the vacuum. If not, the airflow will push dirt from untouched corners into other areas one you are done with the cleaning.

Step 6: Wash the vacuum brush

All the brushes and tools need periodic cleaning to remove debris. Use mild detergent and water to clean all the brush attachments. Use a bucket of warm water to get the job done.

Step 7: Dry the Bristle Brush

Ensure that all the attachments are dry from the inside out after washing. Use rags to remove any water. You may also try pat drying the bristles. Use a rag for this. Afterwards, allow the brushes to dry out completely before using again in the cleaner.

Step 8: Comb the Bristles and Repeat the Cleaning Process :

You can speed up the drying process by using an old comb. Run it through the bristle several times. It will help remove any remaining hairs, dirt or gunk as well. This entire process should be repeated frequently, depending on how often you use the vacuum in your home.

8 Steps - How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner

4 Common Vacuum Cleaner Attachments & how to use vacuum cleaner?

Let's check out some of the attachments available these days, and their functionality.

Step 1. Dusting Brush

This is the ideal choice for cleaning wooden surfaces. It is a round brush, with soft bristles. They will work exceedingly well on soft and fragile surfaces. You can use them on doors, door moldings, window sills, and bookcases. You can also use them safely on potentially fragile locations like picture frames.

Step 2. Crevice Tool

This is a favorite tool for car owners. It can get int tight nooks and crannies thanks to its very thin shape. For additional utility, the tool also features an angled tip. It works well against refrigerator coils and radiator grilles. If you want to get in between sofa cushions, this is the perfect attachment.

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Step 3. Extension Wand

This is a criminally overlooked extension for vacuum cleaners. Not only can it reach hard to reach spots in your home, but it can also be used for non-cleaning purposes. It can comfortably reach most high ceilings and high light fixtures. If you want to pick up something that is out of reach, you can use this tool.

Step 4. Upholstery Tool

These attachments usually have stiff bristles. They are small and flat and work well on all sorts of mattresses, sofas, and cushions. The attachment is capable of removing not just dust and dirt. It can also effectively remove lint and fur from your upholstered surfaces.

Unexpected Ways You Never Thought to Use your Vacuum Cleaner

We all know how vacuums help us keep our homes spotless and dust free. Well here are several unusual ways in which this function can be used:

1. Keep Allergens Away From Your House

Vacuum cleaners are also effective against fine particles like pollen. During hay fever season, your door and window sills become pollen hot spots. Use the brush tool on these spots to reduce the risk of allergies. Repeated use (weekly) on problem areas will reduce the chance of allergens spreading inside your home.

2. Use It To Clear Your Washing Machine’s Lint Filter

The crevice tool is the attachment of choice for this task. You can use it to clean out your washing machine lint filter. With the crevice tool, you can easily suck away any persistent lint from the small lint cavity inside your washing machine.

3. Use To Clean A Crumby Keyword

Keyboards can attract a lot of dirt, including crumbs if you have a habit of snacking in front of your laptop/PC. The crevice tool is your best friend here again. It will either suck the crumbs outright or pull them up for easy manual cleaning. Use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol for the final cleansing. Use a lint-free cloth for the final wipe and polish.

4. Catch Crumbs at a Glance

The crevice tool is a real wizard at catching crumbs hidden away in hard to reach areas. Refridgerator door shelves, toaster grates, and microwaves are all fair game for this attachment. Don't forget to apply a household disinfectant once the crumbs are gone.

5. Make Your Home Smell Great

This is a life hack that involves your favorite perfume and your favorite home vacuum cleaner. You can also use some essential oils for this purpose. Just dip a cotton ball in the fragrant stuff. And drop it into the cleaner bag. The device will slowly release the scent into the air as it cleans up your home.

6. Get rid of Fleas

Vacuums are often just as effective as chemical poisons when it comes to killing fleas. Research indicates that a vacuum can kill more than 95% of all fleas on a carpet. And that is just the adults. The machine can kill 100% of the larvae and pupae.

7. Ice out carpet dents

Carpet dents are a major eyesore. You can use ice and vacuum cleaners to avoid them. Place the cubes on the dents and wait for them to melt. Then apply the vacuum to the wet area. The process will encourage the fibers to return to their original upright positions.

8. Deodorize a smelly cushion

Plush items are hard to clean as they cannot often be run through washing machines. To kill odors on cushions, drop some baking soda on the problem spots. Wait for half an hour, and then use the vacuum cleaner. The powders will get sucked up, and take the odors along with them.

Clean kitchen appliances

Refrigerators are just one of the many large and medium kitchen appliances that can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Dust and lint can kill gadgets and electronic devices in due time. Use a vacuum cleaner on the exterior of expensive appliances like your fridge. It can remove the dirt and dust in condenser coils.

We use vacuums on carpets, sofas and other parts in our house. But there are many attachments of modern vacuum cleaners that we fail to use on a regular basis. By harnessing these tools effectively, we can reap many benefits. We hope this article was informative and useful. Kindly share with us your opinions in the comments section below.

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