20 Essential Checklist Of Appliances Must Haves For New Homeowners

20 Appliances Must Haves For New Homeowners

1. A Vacuum

A clean home is a happy and healthy home. And you need an excellent vacuum cleaner or dustbuster to make that happen. They remove everything from dust and dirt to fur, hairs, insects, mites, pollen, and other potentially dangerous particles and powders.

Vacuums are available in numerous configurations these days. It would take a separate article to list all the features and types available out there.

Look for a model that can be used easily within living space available in your home. The ability to handle both solid and liquid waste would be a nice feature to have as well.

2. Basic Kitchen Utensils

A well-functioning kitchen is often the heart of any home. It is the place where everybody comes for things from time to time. In such an active zone, you need at least the basic equipment for it to function.

Stocking a kitchen is not an easy task. There are so many articles that you can forget to buy. So, often it is best to buy a complete set instead of buying individual pieces. That way, you get a starting platform to build on.

Start with sets that include small stuff like spoons, forks, spatulas, peelers, and graters. Can openers, turners, measuring spoons and cups are all essential as well.

3. A Good Set of Kitchen Knives

There is no need stress on the importance of knives in a kitchen. But you do need to buy the right kind of knives though.

There are different types of knives for cutting different food items like vegetables, fish, and meat. Instead of buying them individually, a convenient option is to buy a good quality long lasting set.

4. A Small Pressure Cooker for Your Kitchen

Cooking manually in pots and pans is a very time-consuming process. This is especially true when it comes to red meat.

Pressure cookers can help you shave off valuable time. They are fast and also conserve a lot of energy. There is no reason not to have at least one small pressure cooker in your kitchen.

5. A Classy Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

We made a mistake. Often, the kitchen is not the focal point in your home. It is the refrigerator inside the kitchen that all members make a beeline for at different times of the day.

So you need a classy fridge in every home. It keeps food safe and unspoiled for long periods of time. What else needs to be said?

6. A Water Purifier

Water quality is a serious issue everywhere these days. Tap water quality in many cities and rural areas is on the decline.

There are numerous contaminants, both chemical and biological, that we have to worry about these days. A water purifier is no longer an option, but a necessity in the present situation.

7. The Basic Pots, Pans and Bakeware

Skillets and saucepans are mandatory in this category. You should at least have a couple of these each, in different sizes. You can also add other pots and pans to make your cooking easier and more convenient.

Again a good option is to buy a comprehensive set, instead of buying them individually. A stockpot is always nice to have, but not mandatory. But do look for sets that include lids along with the pots.

Casseroles are also pretty useful, especially those models that can be used as a baking dish. Non-stick utensils are best, but they do need extra care and maintenance.

8. A Coffeemaker to Soothe Your Urges

Do you have a caffeine lover in your household? Then you don't need us to tell you how important a coffeemaker is. A good quality espresso machine can be really expensive these days. But they do pack in some advanced features.

You can get devices that do the grinding and brewing. There are options that make lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos, to name a few drinks.

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9. Dinnerware and Glassware

You cannot eat cooked food out of the cooking dish. That is unhygienic and impractical. So you need to buy quality dinner and glassware.

Plates, bowls, and glasses are available in a wide range of budgets and qualities. You don't have to buy the top range of everything in the beginning.

You can always put functionality ahead of cost here. Just ensure that the materials are food grade and safe. For glassware, you can make do with simple drinking glasses.

They are enough to hold everything from milk to juice, and soda. If you like hot beverages, don't forget to buy a couple of coffee mugs at the very least.

10. Essential Storage Solutions

Essential Storage Solutions

Space is often a premium in most homes, especially in the kitchen area. And this is one place where you have a lot of storage needs. You need containers for all the ingredients, like spices, flour, and other condiments.

You will also need storage containers for cooked and leftover food. These can help prevent wastage. So there is a high chance that your cupboards and closets will get crowded and chaotic.

When you buy storage containers, you can also invest in some organizers. These will keep your drawers, cupboards, and closets in better shape.

11. Get Yourselves an Exercise Machine

If you are the active, sporty type, you may not require one of these. But for the rest of use, a home exercise machine is pretty much mandatory.

They can help you stay fit and healthy. These machines are also useful when you are unable to head to your gym for any number of reasons, like poor weather for instance.

12. Get an Excellent Lawn Mower

This is only applicable if you have a home with a yard of course!

If you have some grass outside you will need a mower to keep it looking trim and tidy. An unkempt lawn gives off a really poor impression. Good quality lawn mowers can save your time and energy in a big way.

13. A Set of Garage Tools

Many of us love tinkering with stuff. It is an instinct that most of us carry from our childhood. If you have a tinkerer in the house, a set of tools is essential.

They are very helpful for completing DIY projects. You can get good quality sets for specific tasks online with ease.

14. Your Laundry Essentials

As long as we have to wear clothes, we will need laundry solutions as well!

Essentials include laundry baskets and hampers for storage. Detergents and softeners are also things that you cannot do without. If you wear formal clothes, invest in ironing board and iron.

15. Fire Extinguisher

Fires can be devastating for any home. And unfortunately, many of these can be averted if you have the right equipment on hand initially.

So a fire extinguisher is an essential product in any new home. Before you buy one, check the US Fire Administration guidebook for homeowners.

There are different types of fire extinguishers. This guide give a clear view about the must haves for new homeowners.

16. Extension Cord Organizer

We deal with too many electrical and electronic appliances these days. Often, the installed electrical outlets are simply not enough to handle everything at once.

The result: an ever-growing collection of extension cords weaving their tentacles everywhere. Cord organizers can prevent tangles and knots. If you want to keep everything neat and tidy, get a few of these.

17. Big-Kid Tools

The basic home tools include hammers, drill, screwdriver, wrench, tape measure, pliers, and staple guns. But with these basics, you should try to add the following advanced tools:

  • Hand saw: ideal for small DIY projects; it is often easier to use than a power saw
  • Stud finder: Make safe anchorings for those heavy shelves with this handy tool. It can make holes in walls with ease
  • Ratchet set: These are great for spots where a wrench cannot reach in and twist. You can loosen bolts easily with this tool.
  • Pry bar: Useful for pulling out nails, and removing the dry wall, trim molding, and tiles. Look for one with two ends, a claw, and a flat end.

18. Emergency Preparedness Kit

Check out FEMA guidelines to figure out the recommended contents in an emergency kit. You should try to stock essentials for every member of your family, including pets.

Try to get enough stuff for 72 hours.

The contents include cash, food, medication, batteries, first aid, sleeping bags, and other similar stuff.

19. Ladder(s!)

This is an essential accessory for basic home maintenance. You should look at the following factors:

  • The height of the ladder. How high do you need to go?
  • Whether you need just two legs or a stepladder with four legs for added stability.
  • How much weight should it be able to hold?

20. Linens & Towels

You need them for comfort and good indoor decor. Get rich bath varieties for that spa-like feel. Towels and linen are useful in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and the bathroom.

You should not underestimate their utility in creating a comfortable home atmosphere.

When moving to new home, you need a lot of new things. Family and close friends can be depended upon to chip in with a few gifts. But you will have to buy the bulk of stuff on your own.

Plan properly and create detailed lists to make sure that you miss out nothing important.