17 Factors in This Buying Guide For The Remote Control Fishing Boat

What Is Remote Control Fishing?

Remote control fishing or RC fishing is exactly what it sounds like: using a remote-controlled device, an RC boat, to catch real fish from afar. It combines the best of two fun worlds: fishing and RC boats. 

With this combo, you can cast a line anywhere in the water while still standing on the banks. You can easily take your line to where the fish goes with an remote control fishing boat. When you want to have fun while fishing with kids and family, RC fishing boats are an excellent option!

17 Factors in This Buying Guide For The Remote Control Fishing Boat

What are Remote Controlled Fishing Boats?

You probably know about RC boats. They are similar to RC flying drones and quadcopters. They are battery operated, (some use gas/nitro), and can be controlled using remote controllers.

There are two kinds of RC boats when it comes to fishing:

  • A regular RC boat customized to some degree for fishing.
  • An RC boat that has been custom built for fishing.

In theory, any RC boat can be used for fishing as long as it can accept a fishing line as an attachment. But certain qualities are ideal for a functional remote control fishing boat.For instance, speed is not a primary concern when it comes to fishing.

A silent and quiet operation is. That naturally rules out the faster, louder gas and nitro powered devices right away. RC fishing boats almost always use batteries instead of glow engines. Electric battery powered boats have several crucial advantages that make them ideal for fishing:

  • They are relatively quiet even when operating at top speeds.
  • Fishing involves a lot of idling, and these boats consume no power when idle.
  • They provide better speed control.
  • They require no oxygen and relatively less maintenance.

Fishing Methods

RC fishing can be done using any of several different techniques. In some RC boats, fishing line and the hook is permanently attached. The boat is then moved out to a fishing spot in the water by the operator. The boat can either wait patiently in one location for the fish to strike, or it can be moved around for trolling.

This method can be risky of bigger fish are involved. They can easily pull the boat underwater. Line release is a favored method when bigger fish are available. In this method, a release mechanism is attached to the boat, then the line/hook is attached.

The fisherman will have the other end of the line on a fishing hook. But instead of casting the line, the RC boat takes the hook out into the water. Once the fish takes the bait, the line will disconnect, and the fisherman can reel the fish in.

More About Line Release Mechanism

Though it is compatible with all kinds of RC boats, a line release works best with the slower and stronger boats. The mechanism is usually mounted on the stern of the boat, away from rudders, propellers, etc.

The system is highly customizable. You can even add manual line release (by remote) features, automatic return of the RC boat to the source, etc.

Legality Of RC Boat Fishing

Believe it or not, RC boats are not entirely legal for fishing. Each state has its own rule regarding the use of these boats. They are banned in some states because using these boats gives an “unfair advantage over the fish.”

If you want to keep your fishing license intact, it is best to check your local fish and game laws before starting RC fishing.

Qualities Of A Great RC Fishing Boat

Qualities Of A Great RC Fishing Boat

1. Watertight To A Certain Depth

All RC boats have some watertight mechanism inbuilt in their designs to protect the internal motors and controls. But when you use RC boats for fishing, there is always a chance of the boat getting pulled underwater by the fish.

If not, it will get overturned for sure, sooner rather than later. So an RC boat should have extra waterproofing to make it suitable for fishing.

2. Visible From Long Distances

This is another feature that most RC boats have by default. But in fishing, the boat can be taken out of your control by the larger fish dragging the boat away, sometimes beyond the range of the remote.

So the visibility features on the boat should also be upgraded using appropriate colors and other visual enhancements.

3. Enclosed Propellers/Smaller Jets

Fishing RC boats will see action in real ponds or lakes, not just a backyard pool. So they will encounter threats like floating debris, seagrass, and fishing lines. Exposed propellers are highly vulnerable to these entanglements. So extra protection for propellers or the use of water jets would be ideal for an RC fishing boat.

4. No Rudders/Enclosed Rudders

RC boats with dual electric engines are better as they remove the need for a rudder altogether. But if you must have a boat with a rudder, make sure that cladding protects it.

5. A Low Center of Gravity

This improves the overall maneuverability of an RC boat. It is especially useful in adverse conditions like high winds, powerful waves, and bad weather.

6. Has a Monohull

RC boats are available with different hull designs like monohull, hydroplanes, and catamarans. Of these, monohulls are the ones that resemble actual full-sized boats in their shape. These boats have a traditional V-shaped hull, which is very stable in most conditions. Monohull boats can function better than other RC boats even in rough weather conditions. They can also dart around in the water with quick direction changes, due to their superior agility.

And these are the boats that have the lowest center of gravity. So they are easier to reposition even after they capsize or go upside down. This is in stark contrast to catamaran RC boats which struggle to return to their proper position on their own.

How To Catch Fish With RC Boat

1. Bait the Fish

You can use a regular bait bucket for this purpose. Use fish food that is appropriate for the species of fish available in your lake or pond. Attach the bait to the fishing line hook and place it on the RC boat. Now take the boat out into the water, to a promising fishing spot. Now all that is required is to wait for a fish to bite.

2. Use the Boat

Baiting and waiting is an age-old strategy used to great effect in regular fishing. But with an RC boat, you have several advantages. If the fish does not bite in one spot, you can easily scout out another location. And once you get a bite, all you need to do is call the boat back to your location. It will bring the fish to you!

3. Using A Permanently Attached Line

This is a very simple option that attaches a part of the fishing line and hooks permanently to the RC boat. This method is useful when trolling for fish. But it does not fare well against larger fish, as those can easily pull the RC boat underwater.

4. Line Release Mechanism

This method is ideal if there are different sized fish in the water. The line will disconnect when the fish bite the lure. This means that the fish do not get the chance to drag the boat under. You will be reeling the fish instead, using a traditional fishing rod. This method is also legal in places that have outlawed RC fishing, as the task of reeling the fish in is performed by hand.

5. Use the Line Release to cast the line

This is similar to the last method, with the difference being that it has a manual release control. You will be using the boat to get the line to a good spot in the water. Once you reach it, you will use a button to release the line manually from the boat. The RC boat can be called back, and the fishing is done using a regular fishing rod.

Other Uses of An RC Fishing Boat

1. To Seek Out Game Fish

You can attach a fish finder on board the RC boat and send it out to locate game fish. With this method, you can stay on land and save fuel that you would have burned while using a regular boat. But range can be a limiting factor when using RC boats for this purpose.

2. To Troll

Trolling is a dynamic method to catch fish using an RC boat. To do this, you attach several lines with bait on the boat and send it moving across the water. Trolling is a good way to find fish when they are not congregating in specific locations.

RC Fishing Boat Review

You have read all about the various aspects of using RC boats to catch fish. Now let's take a look at some of the best RC fishing boats available in the market at the moment. All these boats are fun to use and very beginner friendly.

1. Fish Fun Co. Radio Ranger II

The Radio Ranger II is an RC boat that designed for fishing. It is built to hold its own against even the larger fish. Its unique combination of features and functionality has received critical acclaim.


At nearly 3 feet (34 inches) in length, the Radio Ranger II is definitely among the biggest RC controlled fishing boats. This boat will not get overturned by most species of fish. The boat has a high visibility white coat of paint. It comes with a pistol grip design, which has the fishing reel built into it. On the boat, propellers are at the back.


The boat is capable of reeling in fish that weight up to five pounds. It also has a variable speed function, so you can easily adjust the cruising speeds. But it has no reverse feature, and you will have to perform 180 degree turns instead. But the best feature of this boat has to be its insane range. At nearly 400 feet maximum, you can easily catch fish far away from the banks. Th large size makes this a boat ideal for catching bass.

Accessories - Fish Fun Co R/C Fishing Pole

This is an accessory for the Radio Ranger II, designed to make fishing easier than ever. The pole can be fitted on all Fish Fun Co. boats. It is bright yellow and blends with the boat design.

It is 17 inches long and can make locating the lines easier. It takes the line out and can be disconnected once the fish bites. A pole is an excellent alternative to casting the line yourself.

2. LuckyStrike RC Fishing Boat

This is another excellent RC fishing boat from Fish Fun Co. It has a 50-foot range and is 32 inches long. The controls use dual channel radios. It uses heavy-duty twin 390 motors to run.

3. Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat

The first Radio Ranger is a capable and feature-rich RC boat from Fish Fun Co. The range is lower than the Radio Ranger II, at 300 feet. But you get a complete package that includes boat, battery, fishing pole, transmitter, boat stand, wall charger, and extra propellers.

4. R/C Fishing Pole & Boat Combo

This is a great RC fishing boat from Fish Fun Co with 380 electric motors and a radio range under 300 feet. It can catch fish of all sizes, with a fishing pole that releases the line automatically. You get a boat battery, transmitter battery, and charger.

5. Aviva Ranger Fishing Buddy RC Fishing Boat

This boat is a replica of the popular 1860 Angler model. With powerful twin motors, this boat can catch and retrieve fish of different sizes. It comes with twin variable speed settings and three different radio frequencies.

6. Master Caster RC Fishing Boat Combo

This shorter 29-inch fishing boat is ideal for people of all ages. The 380 twin motors are capable of pushing the boat to speeds up to 20mph. The line is automatically released when the fish bite so that this boat can catch even larger sized fish.

RC fishing boats can add an exciting new dimension to your fishing experience. They can be used with great success to find new fishing spots. With the use of handy accessories like fishing poles, you can catch even large fish with the help of an RC fishing boat.